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200 Marycroft Ave. Unit 24 Woodbridge, ON L4L5X6


We offer a wide range of grooming services:

 Our Bath and Groom service consists of shampooing, conditioning and drying of the coat. Expression of anal glands, nail trim, eye and ear cleaning and/or plucking and clipping of the eyes, ears, pads of feet, anus and groin.

A Full Groom includes all services offered for a bath and groom as well as a full body haircut. 

Cat Grooms

Basic bath (shampoo, conditioner, fluff dry)  
- Weekly brush throughs (to keep longer haircoats mat-free)  

Pricing: Various factors such as skin and coat condition, matting, and handling requirements can affect the final outcome and pricing of any groom.  Therefore, it is encouraged to make an appointment to meet our groomers in order to provide a more accurate price estimate.  Please contact the hospital to arrange for any of your pet's grooming needs.

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