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X-Ray / Radiology

Digital Radiography Darlington Vet in Woodbridge

The above digital x-ray of a cat shows a foreign body in the cats intestinal system. Our digital x-ray machine allows Dr. Burns to precisely determine the size and location of the object before going in surgically to remove the foreign body.

X-rays, also known as radiographs, are the most common form of imaging used by veterinarians. Taking an x-ray involves exposing your pet to a beam of x-rays and taking a picture of their distribution as they pass through your pet. They are particularly useful for diagnosing fractures, arthritis, and pneumonia. However, not all diseases and conditions are apparent through x-rays, and for this reason your veterinarian may recommend other types of imaging . As for the radiation, don?t worry: the amount of radiation your pet is exposed to during x-rays is minimal and harmless. If you see x-ray operators wearing protective gear, it is only because they are taking a precaution against accidental exposure to themselves.

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