Angelo W.- Surgical Case of the Week: Intestinal Surgery

Angelo, an 11-year-old Labrador Retriever, initially presented to Darlington Veterinary Hospital in Woodbridge Ontario for vomiting and being unsettled the night before. He also had liquid, bloody diarrhea that morning and was no longer interested in eating.

During his examination, Angelo was very anxious and uncomfortable. He was found to have a fever, which told us there was some form of infection invading his body. We got to work right away and started by drawing blood. Once we ran the blood work, we moved to X-rays. Unfortunately, the blood work and radiographs were inconclusive and we had to further our search through ultrasound.

Using ultrasonography we were able to locate a mass effect in the mid duodenum.  This allowed us to narrow down the possible problems to a tumor or ulcer. The intestinal wall in this area was extremely thin and on the verge of complete perforation. Intravenous fluid administration was started to keep Angelo hydrated and replace the fluids he lost through vomiting and diarrhea.

The next step in Angelo’s care was an exploratory laparotomy performed by Robert Burns DVM. This surgery would enable Dr. Burns to visualize this mass effect and remove the affected area. Once the affected area was located in the abdomen, a resection and anastomosis was completed, where the mass and surrounding tissue was removed and the cut ends were re-apposed together. Angelo did very well through the surgery and recovered extremely well. We continued monitoring him through the night to ensure his recovery was successful. The next morning, Angelo was in better spirits and enjoyed his walk outside. He was even happier to see his owners! He left with them with a wiggly bum and a wagging tail!

By his follow-up appointment, Angelo was back to his normal, happy self. We are so happy to report that Angelo continues to do well at home and that the histopathology results from the mass revealed an ulcer with no evidence of cancer!

Angelo at home with his owners enjoying play time. 🙂 from all the staff at Darlington Veterinary Hospital.

Written by Alesia Campoli, DVM and Kristen Sivitilli at Darlington Veterinary Hospital in Woodbridge Ontario.
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