Hi Everyone! My name is Gaia. I was rescued in 2014 from India. After struggling to survive on the streets, and a long flight back to Canada, I have now found my furever home here with Dr. Burns’ family and I couldn’t be happier. My favourite thing to do with my humans is going for long walks and chase my kitty siblings around the yard.


Hi Folks, I’m Gordie. Yes, you guessed it, I was named after the iconic artist Gord Downie, lead singer of the Tragically Hip. As a kitten I had a severe heart murmur, which would have been my demise if I had not been rescued. My humans recognized that even though I had this condition it was No Threat to them 🙂 When I was brought back to the clinic, everyone thought I was So Hard Done By, but what they didn’t realize, was that I knew It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken, and I was not going to let my heart get weak. I needed to give my new family all the love in the world, Fully and Completely, like they had and continue to give to me. I enjoy watching the Morning Moon as I sit in the windowsill.


Our maine coon


Hey humans, Dalila here. I guess you could call me the clinic supervisor.  I also sometimes take on the role of greeter so you may see me sitting at the front desk. I came to Darlington as a kitten and have loved being the queen of my castle since day one. My favourite thing to do is eat… some of you might be able to tell…. but I’m working on it.


Hello, fellow pet lovers, I’m Kik. When I was only a few days old I was found in a garbage bin crying and meowing away. Thankfully, I was found by the Burns family and I survived mostly from all the love and care Dr. Burn’s daughter Naomi gave me. I love sitting up high on my perch, it lets the others know who is boss 😉 My favourite activities are running up and down the stairs, thumping away… the best is when my humans try to keep up with me!


Tigi enjoying her cat house.


Liah is Bianca’s dog and loves the great outdoors.


Enjoying herself.


I’m Lynx. I know, I am a handsome boy. Unfortunately, I was hit by a car as a kitten and brought to Darlington to have my tail amputated. After a successful surgery and recovery, I started to show my true personality and gratitude to the human who gave me this amazing Lynx look. Dr. Burns took me home and gave me all the love and attention I wanted. In return, I spend my evenings kneading away, usually on his chest, while he gives me my snuggles.


For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Parker. I was rescued in 2011 from the pound. Prior to rescue, I was deemed un-adoptable for some serious behaviour issues, which turned out to be a real big problem for me. Thankfully Kristen saw through my aggressive behaviour and decided to take me on (literally). After months of training and unconditional love, I began to trust my human companion and realized that not everyone was mean and scary and out to hurt me. Today, I live with my many fur siblings and love spending quality time with my mommy.

Boo and Bacio

Boo and Bacio are Bianca’s dogs.